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Louis Cross photo taken by Sophia J Carey


Louis also offers tuition services and is passionate about inspiring young people with music. 

He has an enhanced DBS disclosure and is flexible with his methods of teaching. He can teach online with two webcams and in-person in Stockport. 


Louis will teach you the fundamentals in piano technique, sight reading, scales, passing graded exams and building repertoire.

Acoustic Guitar

Louis can teach guitar techniques such as rhythm, learning new chords, building repertoire and how to improve performance. 

Music Production

Louis can teach beginner techniques in music production:

-Setting up Logic Pro X

-How to set up templates

-Mixing techniques

-How to use MIDI to a professional standard 

-How to record live instruments


This is Louis' specialism and will be pursuing an MA in Composition in 2024. Louis can teach the fundamentals of songwriting such as storytelling, writing the lyrics, appropriate chord progressions to providing effective feedback on compositions. 

compositions can be a variety of styles from Folk, Americana to Orchestral/ Film score music. 

Music Theory

Louis has been participating in a PhD with Thomas Metcalfe, which has included advanced exotic scales and creating four compositions representing the four tonalities; Major, Minor, Phrygian and Harmonic

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