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Louis Cross is a 22-year-old composer based in Greater Manchester. He has over 4 years of composing experience in short films, podcast jingles, and video game music. With genres ranging from drama, adventure, RPG video games, and 3D platformer video games, Louis has developed musical ability with a wide range of versatility. Louis aims to create innovative and progressive sounds using electronic and live instruments.

Louis was born with a condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth and wants to show people that it's possible to pursue a career in music with a disability.

On November 18th, 2022, Louis released an EP, 'A Page to Tell'. A 6-track project collaborating with talented musicians and producers in the music industry. (Sloe Flower Studio and EVE Studios). The EP is a coming-of-age story exploring the experience of living with a disability and coming through adversity.

Louis has currently been receiving tutoring from flamenco guitarist and music theorist Thomas Metcalfe. Topics have included modal mixture, symmetrical scales, melody development, and feedback to improve compositions further.

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