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Louis Cross


Louis Cross is a 22-year-old composer based in Greater Manchester. He has over 5 years of composing experience in short films, podcast jingles, and video game music. With genres ranging from drama, adventure, RPG video games, and 3D platformer video games, Louis has developed musical ability with a wide range of versatility. Louis aims to create innovative and progressive sounds using electronic and live instruments.

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Show Reel

Examples of work including Period Dramas, video games and T.V Advertisements.

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Thinkspace Education Competition

A 1 minute audio track for a Action/Adventure video games in the style of 'Tomb Raider' (2013), judged by Jason Graves.

Cue Tube Tell The Story Challenge

The brief was to compose the feeling of being lost in a forest which builds to a climax, reaching a state of peaceful acceptance.

6/8 Chamber Orchestra

A composition for a RPG style video game for a small chamber orchestra

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